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Healthy Brain

Healthy Brain

There are some things you can do now that will keep your brain active and growing.  Yes, your brain can grow and increase in potential and intellect even as you grow older.  This is a process called neuroplasticity.   One thing for sure, if you don’t use it, you will lose it.  

The brain is like a muscle and it needs to be exercised to reach its full potential.  Not only do you need to do physical exercise to keep the blood and oxygen flowing through those brain cells, but you must also do some mental exercises. 

The Key to remember is that the BRAIN MUST BE STIMULATED to grow and increase.  It will not stay alert if you are not actively trying to keep it smart.

There are some simple physical exercises you can do to strengthen the Corpus Callosum which connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  This will increase your ability to solve problems using ALL of the brain simultaneously and not limiting yourself to using only one side at a time. 

Even using your non dominant hand to do simple tasks such as writing and brushing your teeth can strengthen the Corpus Callosum.  When we listen to music, we use both sides of the brain.  Music is powerful and can enhance brain function, memory and emotion.  Mozart is thought to be the best music for cognitive development.

In my class, The Brain and How to Renew Your Mind, I will give you 25 Tips on How to Maximize Your Brain Power.  Some are as simple as laughter and having an attitude of gratitude and others may be more complex, such as performing brain fitness programs using computer software or on Nintendo’s Wii or DS hand-held systems. 

Learning something new everyday is important to keep your brain alert.  You can take a community course in gardening or painting, take ballroom dance classes, learn a new sport; even traveling to new places keeps your brain stimulated.

Most people underestimate the positive affects of simply having a conversation with friends to keep the brain functioning at its best.  Only 10 minutes of talking with someone in conversation can improve memory and boost intellectual performance as much as doing crossword puzzles. 

Studies show that regardless of age, the more social contact a person has, the higher the level of mental function.  So, after you retire, don’t stay home all the time and let your brain waste away.  Keep a schedule of activities and go socialize. 

Most communities have a Senior Center where you can connect with others your age and stimulate your brain with activities and conversation.  So, get up and go talk with someone, it is one of the best things you can do to keep that Brain alive.

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