The Brain and How to Renew Your Mind

Vicki Pattillo Brain CD Set 345X335

VICKI PATTILLO has spent three years doing research on the brain.  Neuroscientists have learned so much more about our brain in the last 20 years because of the new technology now available.

Vicki has taken this knowledge and has compared it to what the Bible says about “How To Renew Your Mind”.  Her teaching switches back and forth from the medical and research information about the brain to the Spiritual perspective.

She also includes practical suggestions on the best diets and exercise programs for optimal brain function.

The teaching includes “25 Techniques and Suggestions on How to Maximize Your Brain Power”.

Vicki is an ordained minister, teacher, Christian Counselor and Elijah House Prayer Minister.  She is available for Teaching and Speaking engagements.  Her ministry is located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

 The 9 CD teaching set is available for a $55.00 donation plus an $8.00 shipping fee.


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