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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 | Author:

Have you ever felt like the Apostle Paul when he wrote in Romans 7:19, “For the good that I would, I do not, but the evil which I would not, that I do.”  God promises us victory over our sinful flesh.  Romans 6:11, “Even so , consider yourself Dead to Sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” 

So, why can’t we walk in this victory daily?  My teaching entitled, The Brain and How to Renew Your Mind, will help you to attain this victory over sin in your life so you can live a more Spirit Filled Christian Life.

In this class, I explain why you cannot break a bad habit in only 30 days like other teachers have told you in the past.  Why? Because it takes those neuron pathways that you have developed up to 3 years to atrophy and die.  I can teach you how to stop that old negative neuron pathway and reroute it to go into a new and more positive direction. 

Do you sometimes set a goal for yourself and then after only a few weeks you quit trying because it is just too hard?  On New Years Eve do you make that same old Resolution year after year without ever achieving it?  Many times we fail because we are only using 1/6th of our brain to achieve our goals.  I can teach you how to get your Non Conscious mind working with you to achieve your goals. This class will show you how to Train your Brain to bring to your attention all of those things the Non Conscious Brain has been noticing in your world which you were not consciously aware of before.  I will teach you how to utilize all of your Brain to achieve your goals, break bad habits, and walk in the destiny God has for you. 

During this class, I will explain how the Brain works and how you can actually “take every thought captive” (11 Cor. 10:5) as Jesus commanded us.  Of course, we cannot do this in our own power alone.  I will teach you how to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spoken Word and the Word of God (Scripture) to get your life back under control. 

I believe this teaching is Revelation knowledge from the Lord which will help you to Renew Your Mind and Have the Mind of Christ.